Weekly Drop-Ins

“Who hasn’t fantasized about being a swashbuckling action hero, wielding a cutlass and yelling “en garde!”? At Rapier Wit, that fantasy can be realized.” — “Mastering Munitions”, The National Post

Rapier Wit’s Drop In Mondays 7 PM – 10 PM

Intermediate MeleeA long-running Rapier Wit tradition, these ongoing evening drop-in workshops are open to everyone. Each night is a complete class, and you are welcome to come as often as you like. Run by a guest instructor and/or senior Rapier Wit member, each 3-hour session has a specific stage-combat or acting-related focus that we think will be fun, helpful and thought-provoking. Over the years we’ve hosted an enormous range of subjects. Just a few examples: Japanese sword, Irish stick fighting, gravity/falling, pirate fighting, broadsword battles, gun fu, bartitsu, “swords and sandals” fights, energy work, soldier/police tactics, movie/musical fights, and ninjutsu. Drop in nights are a chance to play, keep your skills up, and try something you might not experience in regular classes. If you’re new to Rapier Wit or stage combat, this drop-in is a great way to get a taste of both.

Evenings run from 7:00-10:00 every Monday. If you plan to come after 7:30, please let us know; otherwise if we don’t have the minimum number of students by then, the instructor may be released. Please wear movement clothing and running/movement shoes with clean, non-marking soles. To see this week’s theme (if one has been decided), please check the calendar at the bottom of the page or visit our Facebook group. Drop-Ins are $10 for members, $15 for non-members (inc. HST), cash or cheque preferred. Special guest open classes may cost slightly more; those fees will be stated in the event listings on our Rapier Wit Facebook group page, on our events calendar, or on our Upcoming Classes page.

Rapier Wit Advanced B-PROOF-4800

Directions to the studio are on our Contact/Register page. Have a question about Monday nights? Visit our FAQ or give us a holler by phone or email.

The Grid TO visited Rapier Wit on a Monday night and got some great photos for their column “What Goes On In There?”. The National Post dropped in for a Monday night, too: Mastering Munitions.