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“The Rapier Wit experience is unlike any other. They expect an incredible amount out of their students which makes them rise above where they believed they could go. No-one is left in the dust and everyone is treated like an actor, not just a fighter.” –Intermediate Certification Student

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Rapier Wit’s Fall/Winter 2017-18
Stage Combat Certification Programs


Over the course of these certification classes, some of Canada’s best stage combat professionals will take students through training designed to help them progress as physical performers. Classes will focus on successfully creating the illusion of violence through armed/unarmed techniques and application of acting craft. Participants will have the opportunity to test for certification with Fight Directors Canada, Canada’s only nation-wide and internationally-recognized stage combat association. Space is limited, so register early!

Dates/Times – subject to change

FDC Basic Actor Combatant 
September 5 – November 22, Tuesday and Wednesday, 6PM – 10PM

FDC Intermediate Actor Combatant
September 5 – November 22, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 9AM – 1PM, Intensive week November 26 – 30, 9AM – 6PM daily

FDC Advanced Actor Combatant
September 8 – December 1, Fridays 9AM – 6PM, Intensive week December 2 – 8, 9AM – 6PM daily

Course ContentRW-AdvGroupA2013-4338

FDC Basic: Unarmed, Single Sword, Quarterstaff. Approximately 90 hours.
FDC Intermediate: Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Small Sword, Eastern Martial Arts. Approximately 120 hours.
FDC Advanced: Rapier & Companion, Advanced Smallsword, Armed Martial Arts, Sword & Shield, Found Weapon. Approximately 150 hours.

Class Sizes

FDC Basic: minimum 8, maximum 12
FDC Intermediate: minimum 6, maximum 10
FDC Advanced: minimum 6, maximum 10


Basic fee (including HST): $1305.15 for members*, $1928.06 for non-members
Intermediate fee (including HST): $1720.43 for members*, $2550.98 for non-members
Advanced fee (including HST): TBD members*, TBD for non-members

A $150 deposit is required at least one month prior to workshop start date in order to reserve a place in the class.

*The term ‘members’ refers here to members of Rapier Wit, FDC, CAEA, ACTRA and IATSE. Students referred by our fellow Toronto Association of Acting Studios instructors also qualify for the Member rate. Members rate will only be applied to intensive courses if the fees are paid in full 3 weeks in advance of the start date!

Registration and Payment

Please visit our Contact/Register page for registration and payment instructions. After you register, please wait for confirmation of a place in the class before you send payment.

Stage combat benefit #41: it makes you extremely good-looking.

General Notes

  • If you’re considering certification, please visit our Stage Combat Certification page for detailed information about the FDC certification program at Rapier Wit. You may also want to take a look at our FAQ.
  • Times, dates and instructors are subject to change where absolutely necessary, but every effort will be made to give reasonable notice.
  • In order to test for certification, students must become members of Fight Directors Canada. Membership fees are paid directly to FDC. Visit www.fdc.ca to become a member before signing up for classes and you’ll save significantly on Rapier Wit class fees by receiving our “member” rate!

We are committed to helping our students achieve their goals and are always happy to answer questions. Feel free to call or e-mail us with whatever inquiries you have regarding certification, testing, time commitments, class schedules, stage combat disciplines, physical requirements, FDC. . . anything you want to know!


Rapier Wit’s PAL/Stage and Screen Firearms Workshop


Casey with pistolsThis is a ‘must’ course for actors, directors, and stage managers. Its depth and focus on the entertainment industry make it the only one of its kind in Ontario. For liability and safety reasons, it is best practice for all theatre companies to have a licensed PAL holder on staff if firearms or replica firearms are being used in a production. Rapier Wit’s Possession and Acquisition License Course will give participants the opportunity to earn both their restricted and non-restricted firearm licenses and train in safe and effective performance techniques for stage and film.

This unique course takes place over three days and covers training in non-restricted firearms, restricted firearms, and blank-firing replicas which are prohibited devices. During the stage/screen portion of the workshop our participants will be firing blanks from eight different types of firearms and learning how to use these props safely and effectively in performance by training in safe angles, proper stances, draws, movement and carry. Firearms covered: pump shotguns, break shotguns, lever-action rifles, bolt-action rifles, single-action revolvers, double-action revolvers, single-action self-loading pistols, and double-action self-loading pistols.

The PAL (Possession/Acquisition Licence) course (days 1 and 2) is taught and examined by a Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor. The Stage and Screen Techniques practical class (day 3) is taught by PAL-certified FDC Fight Master Daniel Levinson. You may take the practical day ala carte if you wish, but the information in the Stage and Screen Techniques segment does build on that presented in the PAL course so we highly recommend taking the PAL first.

Dates/Times – subject to change

PAL portion: Saturday October 21, 2017, 10 AM to 4 PM class then exams till 8 PM and Sunday October 22, 2017, 10 AM to 3PM with exams till 6 PM
Stage and Screen Firearms practical day: Sunday October 29, 2017, 10 AM to 3 PM

What Tuition Includes

  • Restricted and non-restricted firearm textbooks, training and testingIMG_7407
  • stage and screen-specific training, including safety, aesthetics, choices in blank ammunition, performance scenarios
  • experience firing blank ammunition with various theatrical firearms (a variety of longarms and handguns)
  • ammunition for blank firing practice


PAL course Fee: $220.00 , text books $32.50 due on the first day of workshop and paid to PAL instructor/adjudicator
Rapier Wit Fee: $169.50 for members*, $282.50 for non-members
A $100 deposit is required in order to reserve a place in the class. There is an additional license fee for the PAL which is to be paid directly to the government; instructions for paying this are given during the class.

*The term ‘members’ refers here to members of Rapier Wit, FDC, CAEA, ACTRA and IATSE. Students referred by our fellow Toronto Association of Acting Studios instructors also qualify for the Member rate. Member rate may be applied only if fees are paid in full before Friday, September 29, 2017.


  • Instructors, dates and prices subject to change; every effort will be made to give reasonable notice of changes.
  • Classes will run at the Rapier Wit Studio, 575 Wellington St. West, Toronto.
  • Class size will be a maximum of ten participants
  • We recommend that students review the restricted and non-restricted firearm textbooks in advance of the PAL segment.
  • We will notify registered students as soon as textbooks are available for pickup at the studio.

Registration and Payment

For those taking the full course, $252.50 of the total fee is payable directly to the PAL instructor by cheque, with the balance payable to Rapier Wit. (For example: if you are paying the member rate of $422.00 for all 3 days, $169.50 is payable to Rapier Wit in advance of the course, and you will pay the PAL instructor $252.50 directly.) Please visit our Contact/Register page for registration and payment instructions. After you register, please wait for confirmation of a place in the class before you send payment.